About Me

I’m Eve, a freelance writer specializing in Women’s Social Issues and Personal development. I’m a 30-something Yankee-fied Southern Belle with a passion for sharing life’s ups and downs with other women. I love all things girly, a good football game, wine, coffee, and a great shoe sale. I am prone to singing out loud, and dancing to anything that sounds like a great beat. I’m the wife of a work-a-holic Defense Contractor and the stepmom to a VERY inquisitive 13 year old.

My biggest accomplishment to date is making my way out of one of the top party schools in North Carolina. When I’m not picking up dog poop or nuking “nutritious” meals for my family, I am imagining myself as an ultra-fly 21 year old whose bones do not crack and pop when she does the Running Man.

I am currently a contributing writer at ‘Her magazine’, a regional Women’s magazine in Eastern NC. My column ‘Making meatloaf in Stilettos’ chronicles my journey as a wife and mom trying to find peace and balance in a crazy world while searching for fabulous shoes. It also highlights the ways women like me can live non-traditional lifestyles with traditional family values. I find joy in sharing with other women and shedding light on some of life’s question marks. My light-hearted sense of humor and compassionate spirit have led me to dedicate my time and energy to building sisterhood and sharing the secrets of a balanced life.

Follow me as I shed light on life's little bumps in the road...I promise not to get you lost...