You Know...

Okay, like, so there's this girl right..and she like, wants to go for like a Senate seat, you know..And, you know, everyone's like, giving her crap, you know. And like, you know, I just think its like really lame, you know?
My Mom (like) always scolded me for using improper English. She especially could not stand for me to use words like: "like" and phrases like "you know" when I was describing something. I can just hear her screaming now, "We're from New York. You are not a Valley Girl!". I tried really, really hard to make a serious effort not to use those words; but for some reason whenever I got really excited about something, the words just came pouring out of my mouth!
I don't think any adult in their right mind would want to appear uneducated on national television. But I sincerely think that no matter how many times you speak in public, or do an interview there are a certain amount of nerves that just creep up on you at the most inopportune time. I feel for Caroline Kennedy after being scrutinized for her poor performance in an interview the other day. She used the phrase "you know" (like) 20 times. I don't know much about her, but I sincerely do not think that Caroline Kennedy is an uneducated woman. I believe she was just nervous-poor thing.
I can definitely sympathize with her on being at a loss for words, and rambling. I am pretty sure that I do not always come across as the most intelligent person in the world. Although I may use fragments and run-on sentences from time to time, I do know better. I have the $30,000 in student loan debt to prove it. That doesn't stop me from putting my foot in my mouth sometimes for using the wrong words in the wrong places, or in front of the wrong people.
I think we should all cut Caroline a little slack (you know?).


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This Bug said...

Oh, Sweet Caroline...Am I willing to cut her some slack? You Betcha! (We all could have fared worse with another femme politico who shall remain nameless in lipstick.)