The Fight Continues

My Mind and my Body do not seem to get along very well. They are constantly fighting, and always putting me in the middle. I get so tired of their constant bickering and competitions, trying to show off who's best. They are the two most immature women I have ever encountered, and I'm sick of it!

This morning, my Mind woke up, and she was raring to go. She had come up with all of these great ideas over the course of the evening, and was SUPER EXCITED to share everything with me. I could not believe that she had come up with about 10 new topics for great blog posts, and had mapped out the whole day for the both of us. "Damn, that girl is good!" I thought to myself. Just how does she do it? I told myself, "Hey-just relax. Obviously Mind has got it today. Just chill out, and she'll take care of everything."

Well, little did I know that Little Miss Hater Body was going to wake up right behind her with her trusty little Monkey Wrench. (She really gets on my nerves!) She woke up complaining right away! I mean, after a good cup of coffee and a warm, spring-like day who STILL complains? No one but her-that's who! She was all, "Oh, my back...Oh, my head..Oh, the splinter in my toe that I still can't get out after two days..." Geesshh-What a whiner! I mean, grow up already! She even complained during Yoga this morning. "You're stretching too hard...Your breathing is off..Can we take a break..."

I tell you what, some serious changes are going to have to take place around here. I am sick and tired of Mind and Body trying to show each other out. I thought I was in control here. But it never fails-Mind wakes up, and immediately wants to show off; then Body gets up and rares her ugly head because she is Green with Envy. I have a mind to sit those two down and show them who's boss! I guess women really can't get along after all, but they are going to have to learn.


Fiona said...

Sounds familiar! I keep thinking that spring will give my mind a push to the better side!

Anam Cara Candles said...

haha I love how you expressed this! I look forward to reading more from you.