I have to catch myself on a regular basis when things start to spin out of control. We all have busy lives, but sometimes I feel like I was born with a rubber stamp on my butt that says "give her only 18 hours in a day". I'm not allowed the 24, or even 36 (for some of you) hrs in a day. I get up, check my list, and the next thing you know its 10PM. Most days I feel like I don't get much done.No matter what I do, there are always loose ends to tie up.
I absolutely have to put my family first these days. Any personal missions that Eve has on tap will have to be pushed aside for a minute. But I never want to be that woman who pushes her dreams aside never to pick them up again. I have a List that is very important to me. That list has all of the things that I'd like to accomplish in the very near future. It is constantly being updated, and I'm adding things to the list to change some of the original plan. But the plan always stays there.I used to feel bad when I looked at my list and saw that I had not completed any of the things I said I wanted to do. But now, I look at it with a sense of pride. I'm proud that I had the ambition to think of these wonderful things, and I'm proud that when I look at my list now I can see the end result coming soon. There were some tasks on that list that I knew were almost impossible because I had no idea where I would start. But now I see it.
Now the list gives me strength instead of sorrow. It is very inspiring. On days when I'm feeling a little sluggish, I look at that list and it gives me Momentum. It excites me to think of the possibilities.
A plan doesn't always have to stay the same. A Blog doesn't have to have a theme. My girl, Ms Jayne taught me that. She reminded me to speak from the heart so it will speak for you. And if you can't produce an authentic piece of work then its not you, its not authentic, and to me-it ain't worth it. So I'd rather wait for the projects to come to life rather than have them just exist for the man's eye.In the meantime I will wait, and respect the wait, while I gain and maintain Momentum.


Kia Taylor said...

Well Said!! I'm right there with you!


Angela said...

I love this post. Keep your dreams alive. Only you can make them happen. Don't let anyone deter you. It's okay to revise the list, just keep it going.

Thanks for stopping by too. I'm gonna read on a little bit more. Hope you don't mind me hanging around for a bit.