"Give Life to your Faith"

I'm sure most of us can identify with the feeling of getting stuck in a rut. It happens to the best of us. Unfortunately, some of us get stuck way too often, and for far too long. I love my life, and I count my blessings every single day, but that does not make me exempt from getting stuck in a rut every now and then.

Giving "Life" to your Faith is simply a call for action. It is so easy to tell yourself every day that you will keep a positive attitude, and you will "have faith" that everything will be okay. What I learned was that having faith was only the first step. Your journey to living your best life does not stop with the feeling of having faith. It BEGINS with having faith. Once you have that faith, it is up to you to put that feeling into action. Only then will you see tangible results from what you want out of life.

Every day I make a list. Its my way of keeping track of all of the important things that are going on in my life. Just recently I started making two lists: one for personal tasks, and one for professional tasks. Interestingly enough, I found myself only crossing out the things on the list that pertained to taking care of my family. All of the other tasks that I had set aside for myself remained on the list staring back at me. The words on the list quickly became my opposition; my worst enemies. But I was allowing the list to become my worst enemy. I was not pushing myself to get through the things on my list that needed attention. Silly me not to realize that everything on the list was important; not just the tasks that I picked to tackle on that day. After all, if they weren't important I would never have taken the time and energy to write them down.

What I didn't realize was that making two lists was actually a little counterproductive for me. While I have heard some people say that it worked for them, it was obviously not the best answer for me to be able to live my best life. you see, the list pertaining to my professional life is still VERY personal to me. My professional life is important to me. Its not enough for me to be able to tackle my family life. At the end of the day, if there are still things left unfinished, I remain unhappy and unfulfilled. Having to look at the same unfinished items on a list every day is a little daunting for me, and causes me to go right back into a funk!

I have decided to combine my lists. They are both equally important to me. And while I may not finish everything in one day, I'm happy knowing that I tried and that I addressed something of importance in my life. Today I find myself re-writing those lists if I haven't completed it the day before. Sometimes re-writing my goals and tasks actually gives me a little more confidence. Writing them down on paper brings them to life, and brings me one step closer to my goals. Its time for me to put ACTION behind my FAITH!

~What are your ways to bring new ACTION to your Faith? Do you have a goal that needs new life?


Mighty M said...

I like your list idea. But I am really good at making lists and then just doing the easy stuff and putting off the rest. Sounds like your system is working pretty well for you. Love your blog design!!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I need a list. I am sitting here mired in piles and my mind if filled with clutter.

Eve said...

@Mighy M Thanks, the design was done by Lunastone designs. I am guilty of doing the "easy" stuff first too, thats why I changed my system so I would have no choice but to tackle everything.

@Renee I have a list and my mind is STILL filled with clutter -lol