Things to do before I die

1-Purchase a pair of Manolo Blaniks and wear them to my local Food Lion to go grocery shopping.

2-Purchase a pair of Jimmy Choos and wear them when I take out the trash

3-Go snorkeling in the Caribbean and not get water in my headgear like I did on my first attempt.

4-Write a winning screenplay while sitting at home tapping my feet in my Manolos.

5-Send a kid to college-all expenses paid.

6-Throw a surprise party for my bff without her trying to guess what the hell I'm doing!

7-Dance to The Commodores 'Brickhouse' on top of a table in a crowded bar..Wait a minute, Didn't I..Oh, nevermind (tee hee hee)

8-Grow a vegetable garden.

9-Walk barefoot in a market in Italy

10-Be a guest on Oprah (of course I'd be wearing my Manolos).

11-Make out with my hubby underneath the Eifel Tower.

12-Smash a pie in the face of this girl named Shannon that I got into a fight with in 7th grade.

13-Run past Shannon's house and "flash" her family during a big cookout.

14-Get in a bar fight and WIN it by smashing a beer bottle over someone's head.

15-Stand on the sidelines of a Dallas Cowboys game and show off my coaching skills.

16-Make a difference in this world.


This Bug said...

One down. Fifteen to go. You are constantly making a difference in this little piece of world we have, Eve. Keep it up. ;-)

Eve said...

Thanks Lady! ;-)

Jules said...

I love your list! I want to write a list of my own now... you will have to keep it updated as you complete more (=

Alisa said...

1. Have multiple orgasms.

2. Write a best seller with my name on it instead of someone else's name on it.

3. Go to Italy.

4. See my daughter grow up.

Eve said...

@Jules-Sure thing..And thanks for stopping by!

@Alisa-looks like I need to steal a couple of things from your list!

NavyBride said...

Hello Eve! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comment!

I LOVE numbers 1 and 2 on your list. For my wedding anniversary this year, my gift was to get to buy any pair of shoes I wanted :) My family also makes fun of me because I was determined to have cute feet when I arrived at the hospital to deliver my daughter this past spring. So I had freshly painted toes and made sure that my husband brought me a cute pair of flip flops...the only thing that would fit my horribly swollen feet!

Melissa said...

So love this list have to say I think #1 and 2 are my favorite and of course being a guest on Oprah is right up there too.

Jen said...

I'm stopping by from the BlogHop but this post actually caught my eye. I love this list!! Especially 12 and 13. They cracked me up.