Honoring Our Veterans

I don’t think I fully understood the importance of the military until I became an Army wife. Because I was always so far removed from military life growing up, I only really thought about it one or two times a year-Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. It was only on these two days that I thought about the importance of their work and the freedom that we as Americans were privileged to enjoy. There is nothing like seeing your spouse get up every single morning and strapping on his combat boots to make you feel proud deep down inside. The life of a soldier and the lives of their families is a sacrifice that you have no choice but to recognize every single day.

If you ask any veteran young or old how they feel about serving their country, they will normally tell you that it is an honorable experience. Somewhere along the line inside the heart of a veteran is a spirit that many of us will never fully comprehend. It is an unofficial club of Honor, Duty, and Perseverance in which all soldiers across the world belong. I am thankful to say that I have had a front row seat to witnessing the spirit of our soldiers in action. As a military family, there are endless sacrifices to be made. There are days, weeks, and years away from home that you have to endure. There are the tough schedules of your military spouse that affect every member of your family. There are the accidents and injuries that occur during training and on the battlefield. And there are the changes in deployment that affect your everyday life. Yet Veterans and their family members proudly endure all of the inconveniences that allow us to continue to have our freedom.

This years’ Veteran’s Day comes at a time where many Americans are experiencing feelings of anger, confusion, and fear after the recent attack at Fort Hood, Texas. The attack that left family, friends, and colleagues without their loved ones left millions of Americans puzzled, and left with heavy hearts for the families of the victims. It is my hope that during times like these, we can lend our undying support to the military community and recognize the need for support year round; a small price to pay for a lifetime of freedom.

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Kia Taylor said...

Let's honor them everyday!! I too only thought about them twice a year and sadly I probably thought more about the day off I was getting than anything else. We all get better with age and so does our appreciation...xoxo