My Inner Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City is back for Round 2, and I couldn’t be happier. Although I am no longer living my life as a single babe out on the town every night, I still relish the fun I had during my single days. My girls and I will cherish those memories for years. Today, I just live vicariously through characters like Miss Bradshaw to satisfy my craving for excitement.
I think every well rounded girl has some sort of inner “Carrie Bradshaw” to embrace. Even Carrie’s on-screen gal pal Charlotte lets her hair down every once in a while. It’s nearly impossible to me for a girl to remain conservative and level-headed ALL the time. Without my inner Carrie, I’d lose my mind. With so many nights of never-ending laundry, kids who puke and poop (some days at the same time), spaghetti stains, and dogs who suffer from pollen allergies, I NEED my Carrie days. Days where I’m care free and loving life. Days when all that really matters is what the girls want for lunch…Will it be that cute little café on the corner who’s had the same reasonably priced menu for 10 years, or that new place Uptown with the ridiculously over priced bottles of water with the hot Wait Staff? Should I wear my comfortable flats or spicey spiked stilettos? Seriously….do you even have to ask? We all need days where we kiss our significant others like a sexy French maid, not like his Kindergarten teacher. Its all a part of being a girl.
While these days I am no longer spending my “hard earned” financial aid money on a new pair of shoes, I am splurging on things that matter…things that remind me of why I love being a girl. Only now it’s in moderation. Sure I would kill for a closet full of Manolos, but having money to buy groceries is way more important. As I get older, I find more creative ways to enjoy being a girl. Some times all it takes is crawling into bed with silk pajamas to watch my favorite Chick Flick, or allowing myself to indulge with an expensive bottle of wine. It’s all about perspective and enjoying each moment. Everyone needs that, not just Carrie Bradshaw. Can’t wait until my next Cosmo infused night with the girls!

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