Tales from the sick bed: 5 Things I’ve learned while laying in bed

1-I can only watch re-runs of Real Housewives of NJ but so many times. After the 5th episode I start to hear Mafia music in the background as I plan my vengeance against my neighbors with my dog Grandpa Fluffy.

2-Some people will not exactly embrace a phone call from a friend while she is sick in bed. I am still trying to convince some people that it was not a man who prank called them from my phone.

3-There is a tiny space on the ceiling of bedroom where there is only one coat of paint. I can see shades of orange peeking through my now subtle beige paint color.

4-My Grandmother does not give a damn whether or not I am sick. She will still call to boss me around at any hour that she pleases.

5-Snooki from the Jersey Shore really does look like an orange Oompa Loompa.


Ashley said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! I cracked up at the paint comment. I always see spots like that in random places on the walls, but when I go back to repaint, I can't remember where they were. You have to be laying at just the right angle...

Prima Donna Momma said...

I didn't check the date on this. But I do hope your feeling better. I left a message on your phone, so you can call me whenever because I love to talk on the phone. It doesn't matter whether you sound like a frog or a princess. By the way. Tanning is getting a little bit ridiculous. I think the tanning sprays may be worst than the beds with the UV rays. All these different versions of orange, creamsicle, beige are little bit ridiculous.