With a mouth like Whoopi...

We all know that going on The View is like being on the front lines of the Irag war. If you can’t stand the heat, get the $^*@ out of the kitchen. It is no secret that anyone who goes on The View has to have skin as tough as an alligator. Well, the ladies of The View voiced their strong opinions once again on Wednesday’s episode of The View when they interviewed Bravo’s Real Housewives of DC cast mates. Though the show doesn’t air until tonight, the highly anticipated show has already received its fair share of press due to the ever so controversial Michaele Salahi. Salahi made headlines earlier this year when she and her husband were involved in the infamous White House crashers scandal. Though the show features 5 women, much of the press has been surrounded by Salahi and her husband’s controversial escapades.

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, the ladies addressed some of their disdain for the extreme amount of coverage surrounding the State Dinner controversy. It was no surprise to hear that most of the women on the cast of the Real Housewives of DC do not care for Salahi, and are ready for her 15 minutes of fame to be over with. Cast member Mary Schmidt Amons expressed that she was “Tired of hearing this and talking about it” when questioned about the incident, while Lynda Erkiletian suggested that Salahi and her husband live a “phony and fake Bonnie and Clyde life”. As the cast members tried to steer away from the “crashing incident” the ladies of The View were relentless in the quest to get to the bottom of it. In the midst of Sherri and Joy’s interview, the every so blunt Whoopi Goldberg walked on the set from back stage, touched Mrs. Salahi from behind and whispered, “Can you please get back to the White House incident”. Being a regular View watcher, Whoopi’s actions did not surprise me at all. This was definitely not the first time I have seen Whoopi interrupt a segment. However, Mrs. Salahi apparently found it very disturbing and was shocked at Whoopi’s actions. After the incident Mrs. Salahi expressed that she was upset and burst into tears accusing Goldberg of hitting her from behind. Never one to back down from a good bar fight, Goldberg immediately became enraged at the accusations. Needless to say, the backstage conversation was filled with tons of $%&@ and #%^^, and led to yet another media frenzy surrounding the Salahis.

While Micaele Salahi insists that she is very offended by the media’s determination to paint her as a party crasher, she insists on bringing a media circus with her everywhere she goes. She insists that she and her husband were invited to the State Dinner and would never do anything as unethical as crash the White House. Most of the media coverage will in fact insist that she and her husband were wrong in showing up to the White House and “sneaking in”. The past year has been filled with a “He said, She said” soup of allegations. My personal take is that this is probably not the first time someone has sneaked into a political event at The White House or elsewhere. The only difference is that this may be the first time that someone did it with a camera crew from a major network following their every step. I personally do not have concrete evidence that Salahi is a party crasher, but I do have evidence that Salahi is definitely a fame whore and a drama queen. Once you open up your doors to a camera crew all is fare in love and war. I do not buy Salahi’s over dramatized sulking and attempts to “get over” the White House incident. If that were the case, perhaps Salahi would not be attempting to auction off her infamous red Sari that she wore to the dinner. It is my belief that as the Salahi’s lifestyle of fame and fortune started to go downhill they did as any other shallow fame whore would do-they pulled out the big guns. For Michaele and Tariq Salahi having their every move filmed and seeing themselves appear in countless news articles feeds their inner demons. I only hope that they get what they’re looking for and be careful of what they ask. The lifestyles of the rich and famous can be a beast.

What are your thoughts on the Whoopi/Salahi controversy? See their sides of the story below.

http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/38576262/ns/today-entertainment/ ~Michaele tells her side

http://theview.abc.go.com/ ~Whoopi tells her side


JamericanSpice said...

Is that Chinese? :)

Didn't see the view so I have no clue.

But yes, everyone plays to media drama for more money and the likes.

Donda said...

Stopping by from the blog hop..I love your blog from what I have read so far :)

Holly Diane said...

Found you on the blog hop and so glad I did. I love my reality shows and only briefly caught this episode of the view. It aired before the first episode of RHODC so I didnt pay close attention. I look forward to looking around your blog a little more. Happy Sunday!