The Princess Diaries

I was so excited when I first saw the commercial for the new Disney movie Tangled. It’s based on the classic tale of Rapunzel; which was one of my favorite bedtime stories. I remember begging my mom to read it to me every single night for months at a time. After she was done I would tie a scarf on to the end of my ponytail and pretend that I was the princess stuck in the tower. I went to bed dreaming that I would be a princess when I grew up.

My delusions of grandeur didn’t really go away when I grew up. Although I had never lived in a tower, did not have a ponytail that dragged on the ground, and did not have a prince with a white horse, I was still a princess in every sense of the word (at least in my own little world). I was lucky enough to have sort of a fairytale wedding complete with sabers and Dress Blues, and my prince did surprise me with a white Range Rover. However, whenever I left the house people seemed as though they never got the memo. No one was throwing rose petals at my feet or shouting out my name when I walked through Wal Mart. I mean, HELLO…did they not treasure the presence of a princess like my husband did? Geez!

To make matters worse, here comes that damn Kate Middleton. I have to say, as much as I hate that she is stealing my shine, I am kinda fond of the girl. She doesn’t seem as if she has let the allure of the fabulous life go to her head. Kate’s been seen in custom designed evening gowns, and jeans and t-shirts. I love a princess who is not afraid to throw on a pair of jeans and watch sports with her man. Now the entire world is watching her as she moves into the next chapter of her life.

Although the rock she is sporting is not even as big as the one Khloe Kardashian wears, Kate’s new gem is causing quite a stir. All of a sudden women are completely obsessed with the sapphire sparkler. It would be interesting to see how the obsession with the new princess to be will affect the fashion world. It seems Kate is giving the ‘Tangled’ Disney star a run for her money. The princess to be has already been flanked by a brood of security and an army of paparazzi blinding her as they document her every move. I guess when you think about it I’m kind of lucky that the Commoners have not yet discovered that I’m a princess. It gives me more room to breathe. I enjoy not having to stop for autographs at every stoplight; that’s hard work. And throwing rose petals at my feet would only mean that there’s more to clean. Who wants that? I guess I can deal with letting Kate share the spotlight. It will give me a break. In the meantime, all of London is happy that William put a ring on it...

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