Rude people need not apply...

I'ved lived in the South for over 20 years now, but some days my soul just doesn't know whether she wants to be a Southern Belle or a 'Round The Way Girl. I mean, my heart says I am a true Round The Way Girl, New Edition button on the sleeve and everything. But there are also some parts of me that scream Scarlett O'Hara. So when rudeness comes my way I break out with a little of both, Julia Sugarbaker style. You see, a proper lady, will always stand her ground, but never lose her cool. There is an art to dealing with rude people, and a proper lady knows exactly what she is doing.

Last Friday while shopping in the mall with my mother, I encountered a very obnoxious, scrawny little security guard who definitely rubbed me the wrong way. He told me that my mother and I could not "hang out" in the mall. He was quick to inform us that we were not allowed to stand and talk anywhere in the mall unless we were shopping. I'm sure my 50+ year old mother will be extremely distraught when she finds out that she cannot "hang out" with the other 7th graders at the local mall because some kid who is young enough to be her child accused her of loitering. I suppose I should also take her allowance for the next two weeks because she was caught "hanging out" in the mall. Seriously Mr. Security Guard? I mean, what was he thinking? Did he suspect that we were planning some sort of heist? I guess he thought that the mall management was in danger of us robbing 'Claire's' and taking all of the little $2 headbands off the shelf. Or perhaps he thought that we had gone back to the Chik Fil-A sample cart one too many times. Nevertheless, he had some sort of inclination that we were up to Major Shenanigans. I wonder what tipped him off...maybe it was because my mom wore her "spicey" readers that day. A lady in leopard print readers should never be trusted.

Perhaps tomorrow when Mr. Security Guard returns to work he will appreciate the fact that my conversation with his manager did not include me "hanging out" in that mall. I would never "hang out" in the management office. The only visits to the management office I would ever have would only include me delivering a letter of complaint. My visits to the mall management office would also include a post ceremonial visit to the nearest newspaper to share my disdain for my local mall with their readers. Perhaps this Lady is better off shopping at the higher end boutiques across the street from the mall. After all, they don't need security to guard my money, they have pleasant salespeople who handle that...Rude people need not apply.

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Valerie said...

And they wonder why the stores in the mall are closing