Ten reasons to visit Virginia Beach this summer!

My husband started his own business a little over a year ago. Since then, it has been extremely difficult for my family to find time to spend together. The few times we do get to go out of town together is usually for business or functions with our extended family. It is high time we do something fun on our own with no restrictions. With two stepsons looking for something to do for the summer, Virginia Beach is the perfect vacation spot for us. Here are 10 reasons to visit Virginia Beach this summer:

1-Its close, central location
My family and I live in North Carolina. It takes us a mere 2 hours to get to Virginia Beach from our home. It’s also a very convenient location for friends of ours in the DC and Maryland areas. With so many busy schedules, we can have both family time and a time to catch up and reconnect.

2-Its Southern Charm
Virginia Beach is nestled snuggly in the south, and has tons of Southern Hospitality to offer-something you won’t find at the beach in Miami or LA. The atmosphere is cool and laid-back; hence the slogan “Virginia is for Lovers”

3-Free outdoor events
Virginia Beach has tons of planned outdoor activities such as the First Friday ArtWalks, musical performances, and Saturday Night Cruise Ins. It’s an enticing way to get people to try new activities, and it’s a God-send for people on a budget

4-Family Friendly
Many of the events and concerts are booked with families in mind. Concerts and plays are booked that cater to children. There are also adult oriented events that provide options for keeping your kids busy while you “play”

5-Heavenly feasts!
Visiting a beach town has plenty of perks, and one of the main perks of Virginia Beach is the vast amount of dining options. Of course no beach town would be complete without its fair share of seafood restaurants, and Virginia Beach has plenty to choose from. There is a wide variety of restaurants serving fresh, local seafood. Try local favorites such as Awful Arthurs or the Dockside Inn on Shore Dr. There are also other options for people who may not enjoy seafood, or just want to grab a late night dessert with the family.

6-Fun in the Fresh Air
When summer comes, there is nothing better to do than to enjoy some fresh air. Activities such as kayaking, parasailing, and fishing are pretty popular in Virginia Beach.

After engaging in a few outdoor activities, you will definitely need to balance things out with a little INDOOR activity-shopping! Check out some of the local malls, trendy boutiques, and amazing souvenir shops for some unforgettable items to take home.

8-History and Museums
Virginia Beach is not all shopping and eating, it also has a very distinct culture that thrives on historical experiences. Many of the local historic attractions are very authentic and depict the cultural norms of the area for that time period. Learn the story of King Neptune or become engrossed in Virginia’s rich military history.

9-Regional Fun
Your vacation in Virginia Beach will be money well spent considering the number of neighboring cities within the region that offer fun activities. Virginia Beach is located in the Hampton Roads area, and has beautiful inter coastal waterways. Visitors can also enjoy Busch Gardens and Williamsburg, as well as a variety of activities in the Norfolk area such as the Nauticus interactive science and technology center.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

10-It’s the BEACH!
Your summer isn’t complete without a little sand between your toes. Virginia Beach has a beautiful 35 mile coastline to explore. The Chesapeake Bay, Resort Area, and Sandbridge each have its own distinct charm. The Resort area has a bustling boardwalk with outdoor cafes, street performers, and souvenir shops, while the beautiful Chesapeake Bay has a more relaxed tranquil setting. The best part about it is that there is no fee for entry or parking.

The East Coast is home to some beautiful beaches, and Virginia Beach is great for its central location and its wide variety of activities. Take some time and look at what Virginia Beach has to offer today!

**I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Virginia Beach Tourism blogging program, for a gift card worth $40. For more information on how you can participate, click here.**


Jayne Neverow said...

I'm sold.

Eve said...

LOVE Va Beach. Its the perfect compromise for me and my extended family!