Day 1 of Making It Work

Every year people make resolutions that they usually don't keep. Everyone wants to make a New Year's resolution to lose weight, get more organized, go back to school. I have never been one to wait until New Year's Eve to make a new resolution. I find myself growing more and more each day; and with growth comes necessary change. I can't see myself overlooking my blessing of growth by not making the necessary changes to compliment my newfound growth. I have made that mistake before, and the end result was that I ended up taking 4 steps backwards and having to start all over again.
I make resolutions all the time. Sometimes they are big ones, sometimes they are small ones, sometimes I just get focused on a shallow desire to save up for an expensive purse. Sometimes I end up having to change my resolution halfway through the day. But I always keep striving for improvement. I will not claim to make any profound changes in 2009. I just vow to leave fear behind and embrace endurance.
Here's to Day 1 of 'Making It Work'!

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