Ain't Nobody Checkin' for Oprah-They Checkin' For Barack..

Is Barack trying to bring Sexy back? Well, I'm not really sure if he can bring it "back" to the White House; I'm not sure if the White House ever really had 'Sexy'. Except of course if you count John John (Kennedy), but he was much too young when he was running through the White House corridors. So I guess John John didn't bring 'Sexy' to the W.H. either.
Everybody has to put their two cents in about President-Elect Barack Obama vacationing in Hawaii with his shirt off. Well of course my man Bill O'Reilly is #1 in line at the Hateration Parade against the images of Mr. Obama with his shirt off. He appears to be appalled, and just cannot get over how or why a President-Elect would be photographed at the beach without his shirt. It is "un-presidential" to quote Mr. O'Reilly.

Who would have ever thought we would see the day when people would be in HAWAII with their shirts off?! "Oh Golly Gee Mr. Wilson. What an outrageous thing to do..Go to the beach with no shirt. Well, I NEVER!"

Mr. O'Reilly seems to think that no respectable human being who holds a professional position-one of the most important positions in the world-would ever be caught dead on a beach. To quote him loosely once again, "You don't see Oprah doing that. And she is one of the most popular celebrities in the world". Sorry to disappoint you Mr. O'Reilly, but ain't nobody checkin' for Oprah anymore. This is the year of Obama. And maybe next year it will be the year of Geraldo Rivera. Maybe next year we will be looking at Paparazzi pics of him on the beach somewhere half-clothed. Perhaps O'Reilly is a little ticked off because he didn't make page 6 of the Post this Christmas.

I guess if Obama is wrong for being photographed without his shirt on at the beach, then Bush is REALLY WRONG for being caught dead using phrases like, "I'm the Decider"..or making a fool of himself "trying" to do an African dance on-stage. Bush has his own style too. He likes to be caught on camera 'bobbing and weaving'.

Clinton has had some no-so flattering photo ops too. In his early days, it seemed like he was jogging every day. But whenever I saw him jog, I couldn't be excited that my President was taking pride in his health..All I could think about was the possible jiggle underneath his sweaty shirt.

This is the era of Pop culture and 24-hr news cycles. I love Obama to death, but I don't necessarily want to see him with his shirt off. I like a little mystery myself. But if I do, its not the end of the world. I am not appalled that this man enjoyed himself on vacation at the beach. After the longest campaign/mudslinging/high school drama-fest ever, I think he deserves to let his hair down and unwind. They are lucky that I didn't win the election for President..I might have really given them an eye-full!

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