The First 100 days

I can remember most Inaugurations from when I was a kid; but of course I never looked at them the same way I do now as an adult. When I was a kid I looked at it as a day with no homework, assemblies to watch the live coverage, and my chance to scope out the outfit of the new First Lady. Today it is much more serious for me. And today I truly believe it was much more serious for our country as a whole.
Regardless of what your political preference may be, the election of President Barack Obama is a historical moment-just as the election of Hillary Clinton as President would have been historic. Earlier this month, I watched the state of NC swear in its first female Governor, Bev Purdue. We are truly making moves in this country, and showing the next generation something to be proud of.
As I watched Barack Obama take his oath of office, many different thoughts were going through my head-the first thing I thought about was how lucky he is to be able to ride on Air Force One (I could never have that privilege, I would be waaaayyy too conceited). I also thought about his family, and how their lives would change. I thought about Michelle, and how I loved that BANGIN' suit she wore today-GO GIRL!! I thought about the sacrifice that any president is making when they decide to take on that position. I thought about the fact that there are now two little girls in the White House today that look more like me than any other White House kids. It makes me happy to think of how many little black girls across the country may feel a confidence booster after seeing them on TV looking so pristine (Malia was rockin' that little blue coat). A lot of people underestimate the feeling of seeing an image like Sasha and Malia Obama standing there waving and supporting their father. Many do not realize how many girls, let alone black girls, could never fathom being in that position. Because its been so long since there have been children that young in the White House, I can imagine that ALL little girls across the country are excited, and glued to the TV set waiting to see what outfits Sasha and Malia will be rocking next.
-Once again-couldn't be me. I would SO take advantage of my new-found popularity.
"What? You want to sit at MY table during lunch? I..DON'T..THINK..SO!"

As the entire world watches Obama on his first day as the President of The United States, you can't help but to get caught up in the hype-all the parades, the flags, the music, the fancy balls. Not bad for a first day. But unfortunately for him, tomorrow is his real first day. Tomorrow is time to get down to business. Time to put on your best "fight face" and kick some "&$*".

All year long, Obama supporters rallied together with excitement about the possibility of this day. I spent more time glued to the television watching politics than ever before. I stood out in the hot sun in the middle of July for 4 HOURS to see that man-so he betta come correct!! But we betta come correct too. We can't get all caught up in the hype of the music and election parties, and not do our part when the time comes. I was never a Bush supporter, but he was still my President, and I still had to do what I needed to do to support him. Our Presidents always need our support. I made countless phone calls for the campaign, telling people why I thought he would be a good President. But what makes us good citizens? Shouldn't we all be accountable for doing our part in supporting this country too? Shouldn't we all get off our butts and go to work too?
They say that the first 100 days for a President is an important part of his legacy. Well, it should be just as important for the citizens of The United States as well. I don't know about you-but I have some work to do. Time to go support my new President.

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