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Twitter is an AMAZING new networking tool for me. Not only has it helped me to stay motivated by seeing what others are doing, it also gives me great ideas daily! At first Twitter was cool to me because it allowed me to be nosey and stay on top of my friends and what they were doing. In the past 2 weeks I have begun to use Twitter for more Good than Evil. I no longer network with my friends as much, but find myself making new networking contacts every day.
I was inspired today by Ms. Wendy Y. Bailey and her blog post of the day:


She has great ideas, and brings up a very valid question that ALL business owners should ask themselves. Kudos to Wendy for posing this question.

Below is my response to her blog post:

This is awesome. 2009 has started off great for me; but unfortunately that meant leaving a few people behind. I now have a new "Kewl Circle" of VIPs in my life.
I find myself networking every day to find new ideas and share information. Obviously engaging with like-minded individuals is a must. However, my husband (an Army Captain, and previously a stock broker) pointed out that in his Broker days his ambition was fueled by engaging with like-minded individuals, but also people who would challenge him on a daily basis. I believe that we can sometimes get a little too comfortable when we attain a certain level of success, and thus stop trying to reach the top. I have found that networking with others outside of my profession allows me to be able to better serve my clients by getting a grasp of what the outside world is doing. In my Real Estate and Property Management business I have learned that it is important to first learn the importance of how to deal with people and their immediate needs. Real Estate is a market in which you absolutely have to crawl before you walk-if not, you can allow yourself to make disastrous mistakes that can kill your career; especially in a small town or city.
I have begun to network with people in all sorts of industries that I never thought could be beneficial to me and my career goals. What I have found is that we all have a common goal-SUCCESS. And sometimes you have to re-evaluate your plan of action. Meeting someone in a different industry may give you a new perspective on your business strategies and allow you to expand your horizons. You can always learn something from another business owner, whether it is good or bad.
In my opinion, falling on your face does not make you exempt from my "Kewl Circle". I am VERY interested in those that have fallen and gotten up only to do better. Resilience is key! So this year I look forward to adding more resilient soldi


Wendy Y. Bailey l Group Mastery said...

Wow, Eve! THANKS so much for the compliment. I'm delighted to serve as inspiration to you. Clearly, you're a kewl person yourself and you totally deserve to be surrounded by only the best -- the people that serve you well and challenge you to be a better person, woman and business owner. Kudos on the great start to 2009! Continued success, too!

Who knows? We may very well end up being in the same kewl circle? Big Hugs!!

This Bug said...

Very "kewl" post, Missy. I can appreciate the idea of networking with folks outside of your conventional circle. You definitely have the right idea! Twitter is still very new to me- but I think it's a great tool that can be used for good (instead of evil as you so aptly stated) once I figure out how.

Marie Reed said...

Amazing post! I need to explore Twitter as a means of networking too!

Eve said...

Thanks everyone. Marie-thanks for stopping by my blog!

slaves said...

Eve. Really "Kewl" post. I definitely agree. In my business I often encounter obstacles that are best solved by taking cues from other industries that my friends may be members of. By the way, you are definitely in my Kewl Cirlce!

Tim Fisher said...

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Stesha said...

Twitter is a great source of information. I love it!

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

I have yet to discover why Twitter is so valuable, personally. Facebook seems much better, at least for me.

Best today, my friend--