Fun Fridays!!

I LOVE Fridays! There is something about Fridays that just takes me back to the 3rd grade, sitting there waiting for that 3:00 bell to ring. I was so excited this morning when I realized that today was Friday-WOO HOO!!
I felt like swinging from the chandeliers or flashing my neighbors. Oh, what an incredible high..What will I do..Who will I do it with..Oh bring on the excitement baby!
But then reality set in. I am a 30-something housewife living in a small town. Most likely I will have lunch with my Mom, go to the grocery store, and be back by 4 to cook my husband dinner. Laundry and the broom are the closest buddies today.
Nice to dream though. Maybe I can do the laundry in Stilettos. That will be as much excitement as I can stand today.


Amy said...

I tagged you in a photo challenge.

Stesha said...

These small towns are killing us! Let's move!

Hugs and Mocha,