10 Surefire ways to get a 2nd date

A Girl's Guide to Dating

1-Surprise HIM with flowers. It will make him blush like a girl, and allow you to have the upper hand for the rest of the night.

2-Giggle. This makes men feel superior. No need to let them know how lame they are until after the date is over.

3-Listen to a Beyonce song before you leave the house. It does wonders for the female psyche.

4-Wear a sexy dress...Enough said.

5-Go to a sports bar and watch a game. Even if you're not a big sports nut, a couple of hours won't kill you.

6-Do not give him any on the first date.

7-Give him some on the first date.

8-Disregard #7

9-Never talk about boyfriends, kids, or weird pets. Guys automatically are intimidated by these topics.

10-Flirt with the waiter. It will make your date feel compelled to step up his game.


Alisabow said...

I don't want to admit just HOW long it's been since I was dating, but one of my time tested tactics was to "interview" him. The more interested you seem in him, the more he will be interested in you. Seriously. You can say nothing about yourself all night and he can talk endlessly. He'll come away thinking, "Wow she's so cool, and yet so mysterious!"

Great collection of tips.

Mandy Walker said...

Love your list post - I'm doing Darren's 31 day challenge too. My blog is a collection of women's stories about divorce - http://www.sincemydivorce.com. Would you mind if I linked to this post in dating post?

Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

I'm so glad I've quit the nonsense surrounding courtship.... And I have no intentions of ever going back to it.

That said, your list was entertaining.

Eve said...

Thanks for reading guys.
Mandy, I would be flattered if you linked it! I will check out your blog too.
Keep in touch!

d@makeupbydeidra said...

I've sent flowers before a rainbow bouquet of roses...He was VERY flattered. So why is it that I'm now 30 and still waiting for my 1st bouquet of flowers?? :-(