5 Reasons Why Shoes Are Better Than Boyfriends

1-You can always have more than one pair of shoes, and they won't get jealous.

2-Shoes will never walk out the door without you.

3-You can tell if a shoe feels good BEFORE you leave the store.

4-Shoes never leave the toilet seat up in the middle of the night.

5-Shoes come in all sorts of pretty colors...then again, so do men (so does #5 count?)


Mamma said...

A (to the) Men!!

Eve said...


Monica said...

But shoes have also been known to feel deceptively good in the store until you get them home and then take them out in public and you find out they're a pain in the shin. I'm just saying. ;-)

Amy said...

Love it! I gotta have my shoes and a lot of them. Totally agree with Monica. I have been burned by a pair of shoes (or 2).