Blogging IS a business

I started my blog as a way to get me back into the saddle on the road to writing again. Although I majored in Political Science in college, and now work in Real Estate (go figure), Writing has always been my first love. You can't choose who or what you love-it chooses YOU. And after years of fighting this love affair, I have decided to give in to its overwhelming advances.

Little did I know that on this journey into 'Blogdom', I would find it to be a little more difficult that I thought. Finding the words to write is rarely the problem...the problem with blogging is much more technical to me. There are templates, layouts, RSS Feeds, and much more complicated CRAP that I have yet to figure out. Its been months, and I STILL have not figured out a new blog design. But, "Be patient Eve.It will come" is what I tell myself every night.

Thank God I am the type of person who learns by watching others, and does not have a "Holier than thou" attitude. I have been very grateful to find Fabulous peeps who are willing to help me plant these seeds in which my blog and writing career will grow. So without further ado, here are a few of favorite mentoring peeps:

Ms. Jayne at This Bug's Life I call her my "Ride or Die Chick". Ms. Jayne and I go way back, and our love for writing has reconnected us after many, many years.

Kia at A Letter to Ovarian Cancer Okay, I am a little biased on this one, but Kia is my ultra-fabulous cousin who has blogged about her journey living with Ovarian Cancer. She is such an inspirational woman, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed when you check out her blog.

Alisa Bowman at Project Happily Ever After Alisa is a fabulous writer, and brings the very candid truth about marriage and relationships on her blog. She has also co-authored several books, and has given me great advice and feedback since "meeting" her on the net.

Christie and Lorraine at The Blogrollers These wonderful ladies joined forces by coming over from My Life-A Work in Progress and Ask Wifey to unite women in the blogging world. They are living proof that woman with like minds can be UNSTOPPABLE!

Jessica at Jessica Knows Jessica is the ultimate Marketing guru. Her business and marketing tips are The Bee's Knees, and she is always willing to help.

Nando at Nandoism Nando has helped me to increase my networking and marketing power. Always eager to help, and give feedback, his daily of Nandoism is a must for getting your Mojo back!

Those are just a few peeps that I admire and look to for inspiration on the regular. As I continue on my journey to establish the ultimate bliss in 'Blogness', the list will continue to grow and grow. Be sure to check out the fabulous peeps for inspiration.

Who are some of your favorite bloggers/business mentors?


Nandoism™ said...

You are so right--your passion finds you and it won't let you go! Thanks for the great "shout out" and keep up the blog--I can see the progress!

Your Fan,


Mighty M said...

Just keep at it - the inspiration will strike hard at some point!! What a bunch of nice shout-outs to some other great blogs!!

Jessica said...

Holy Moly! This totally made my day. I'm glad you're learning from my blog, I appreciate the feedback and shout-out.

I really enjoy tweeting with you on Twitter and you know you can always tweet if you need something.

When you're dealing with all the technical stuff, just think how great it is that it's not the other way around! (knowing all the tech stuff but having no idea where to start with writing).

Keep up the great work!

Kia Taylor said...

It's your ultrafabulous cousin here and without any bias, you are one of my favorite bloggers. Funny, smart, and blessed with an amazing talent! My hats off to you making something so hard to do look so easy...


The BlogRollers said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the shout! (sorry so late in responding) We truly appreciate it! Keep blogging! You are great at it!

Christie and Lorraine

bluntdelivery said...

hey! there's a lot of good info to check out here! Good luck with figuring out your blog template, etc. it's overwhelming at first. if you need any advice, just let me know!


Eve said...

Thanks you guys! I have always believed that everyone has to have a mentor at some point in their lives. Starting off in the blogosphere has been a foreign territory, so I am thankful to have people I can look to for advice and support!

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

I agree, having mentors are very important.
I also like problogger.com in general. he's really fascinating.

Jayne Neverow said...

Aww...Eve (wipes a tiny tear from the corner of my eye) You are too beautiful for words. I'm so glad you're writing again and I am able to share in the jewels you drop on the masses. I always say: Once a writer- always a writer. It never goes away. It may lie dormant for a while, but when it revisits you have an obligation to yourself to pick it up at hurl it as far as inspiration takes you. And from reading your work I can tell you are NOT looking back. Onward & upward, Chica.

~Your Ride or Die Chick~

Dee-Zigns Handcrafted Jewelry said...

tagged you on my blog :). Have fun!