Scents of Duty

My dog Georgie (short for General George Patton) is the love of my life. I can honestly say that I have never loved a "man" as much as I love Georgie. He serves two roles in the house: faithful companion, and miniature guard-dog; thats why we named him General George Patton, he is a tough little cookie. He is also one of the most loveable dogs that you will ever meet, and he craves attention. From the day I brought him home, we have been attached at the hip. He is so attached to me that he actually gets jealous when the hubby gets too close to me.

Georgie and I have a regular routine....
In the mornings, we get up and "have our coffee together". I make a fresh pot of Joe while he nibbles on his morning snack. By the time I have my coffee, hubby is usally long gone. In the evenings after dinner Georgie and I are usually alone while I am watching TV or working on my craft projects. Hubby will come in around 11 and join us until bedtime. Since hubby has been working from home the past couple of weeks, Georgie has gotten a little jealous. In the past couple of weeks, my little angel has managed to get in trouble just about every day.

Well, last night me and the hubby were laying in bed watching TV. I had not really spent that much time with Georgie that day. In fact, he had been in his cage most of the day on punishment. We were watching TV, and I started to smell something weird. I turned to Hubby and asked,

"Do you smell anything?"

Of course, his reaction was,

"No, you're just crazy."

So I laid back down and didn't think much of it. About 5 minutes later, I smelled it again.

"I definitely smell something," I said

Hubby turns to me and asks, "What does it smell like?"

It was kind of an odd smell and I couldn't really put my finger on it; All I could think about was that it smelled like rotten fruit. Finally, after a few minutes, Hubby goes "I think you're right. It kind of smells like fruit and garbage".

So I got up and looked around to see if I could find the smell (ironically enough, Georgie had gotten up off my lap and was underneath the bed). Much to my surprise,I looked in the hallway, to find out Georgie had pooped on the floor. But his poop smelled like FRUIT! Hubby busted out laughing and said,

"Its the candle! Remember yesterday, he got in trouble for chewing up a scented candle!"

His poop smelled just like the scented candle that he ate the night before! I have never in my life imagined what dog poop and flowers would smell like when they were combined, but last night the mystery was unveiled. Seems like Georgie has created something new in the world. Scented Poop; Available in Wild Raspberry, Cinnamon, and Rosemary!

No animals were harmed or exploited in the creation of this very true and very stinky story. Georgie is much better now, and rethinking his options for chew toys


Musings of the Mrs. said...

My dog has been pooping in the house lately too, because I have been working too late I think. I wish I could read his mind when he's thinking "Ha ha...this'll teach her!"

Christi said...

Ok, this is really funny. And disturbing.

It reminds me of the many, many multicolored diapers I changed from my little boy eating crayons.

So if your dog is smarter than a toddler boy, you are done. Otherwise you may want to put up the candles.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

That is too funny...Just blog hopping this morning Have a Happy Saturday! enjoyed my visit...we have a new puppy and she is driving me crazy..


Mighty M said...


FranticMommy said...

ha! I love a good poop story!

Kim said...

Now that is funny! Thanks for sharing this story and making me laugh. I've been reading through some of your blog this morning and I really like it. I found you through TwitterMoms and I'm following you now too.