Mapping out your strategy for success..

Its always a good idea to sit down and map out a strategy for your success. Not only does it give you more focus and direction, but it also allows you to see exactly what the obstacle is in front of your ultimate success. After reading all of the inspiring stories from Blogher, I felt compelled to implement a few changes in my career goals. I sat down with a pen and a pad and figured out what I needed to do to take my blog, my writing, and my business to the next level.

I must admit that I was feeling a little low for not being able to attend Blogher. After all, I was missing out on so many valuable connections. After writing my list, I realized that it wasn't so much the actual event of attending Blogher that had me down, but what Blogher represented. To me, Blogher was kind of like Orientation at a new school. Walking around learning about what your new "school" had to offer, and making new friends that would later on become your new study buddies. Looking at my list, I realized that I had already compiled this list months before. It wasn't the Blogher conference that had given me the ideas..the ideas were already there. Blogher just reminded me to dust off my list and keep it moving. I had already discovered most of the tools that I needed to accomplish my goals. I just needed a swift kick in the Hiney to get moving!

So according to my list, the biggest obstacle to my success is me. I am living in a world where I allow my fear to drive my actions. I allow myself to make excuses for what I know I can do, but fail to implement. I must admit that I am quite the lucky girl to have God reveal His plan for me. But its almost like I saw the plan, Tivo'd it, then left it to look at it next week. Time to stop procrastinating and implement my plan.
What's your biggest obstacle? What are your fears about success?


This Bug said...

This was so honest and revealing to me and my own misgivings about success. I am Prime Procrastinator De Facto. I've often tried to explore why I drag my feet towards certain endeavors and then never let go like a rabid dog with others. It's not that I want to accomplish things with involuntary ease- but I like to see results quickly. More times than not, if I don't foresee immediate change, I tend to slack off before I've even begun. But I am a work in progress- and seeing something like this post offers the vicarious "kick in the Hiney" of which you speak that I myself needed. Thanks for that.

Stesha said...

We need to start moving. Girl, we should motivate each other! We can do this.

Hugs and Mocha,

FranticMommy said...

Funny you should write about BlogHer and being bummed about missing it. I ikssed it as well and am diappointed for the same reasons. BUT, maybe it was for the best. Next year I will be wiser, have more solid footing in the blog world, and a wider circle of friends to tap into.
Love your blog, btw! I am excited to read more!

Eve said...

Hi Ladies,
I am late reading these comments, but nevertheless still inspired by your thoughts. Nice to know I am not alone in my quest for greatness.