Things I learned while I was away..

This summer I took a much needed break from my routine. I have not posted anything on my blog in over a month. Sadly enough, it wasn't until week 2 that I realized I even missed my blog. Did I miss it enough to come back..well, yes and no. I did miss my blog a lot. I missed logging on and looking at the feedback and comments I received. I missed the emails and the posts on Facebook giving me props on a great post. I missed the feeling of achievement knowing that I was sharing a part of myself with someone else. But what I didn't miss was the pressure I was starting to put on myself. I did not miss the idea of submitting to the pressure of mandatory posts regardless of whether I had something good to say or not. I did not miss the pressure of writing to keep up numbers at the expense of the writer deep down in my soul. I missed writing for me.

Reviving my blog at an earlier date did cross my mind several times. My fear was that if I didn't post anything, I would lose valuable readers. I needed to do something to keep them there, and get them to spread the word to others.But was I really doing my readers a favor, or was I doing them an injustice? What good would it be for me to post on my blog when I had nothing valuable to say to them? Relationships require genuine love and interaction, or they are doomed to fail. I owe it to my readers to be truly genuine, no matter how funky it gets. Raw, unfiltered, honest and genuine. And I won't allow anything else.

I learned to allow myself to recharge my batteries. I learned to allow myself to re-focus. I learned to allow myself to make mistakes. My time off was an essential part of my growth and development. I feel so much better having taken the time to focus on me and my goals. So much better that I feel I can deliver greater things. You learn a lot when you slow down and watch the flowers grow, or watch the sky slowly fade to Black. You learn that the world is a lot bigger than you, but the world still needs all of us. How would we appreciate pleasure if there were no pain? Unfortunately, in this life sometimes you have to re-learn pain. When you do, your pleasure will be increased times 10.

So here I am, back on the block. Ready to take my turn in the circle of life. I hope that now I truly deliver some of the things I learned while I was away.

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