Giving Back

Entering my 30's has been an adventurous experience. I've managed to shed some light on some the mysteries of life by opening my eyes and experiencing the freedom of the life that I live. What I found was that I had actually been living my life kind of selfishly. Day in and Day out, I muddled through the days complaining about the perils of the life of a carefree, young, vibrant college student. Never once second guessing and thinking about how different my life would be had someone else not had my back and paved the way for me. Not once during one of my temper tantrums did I stop to question how or why this path was laid out for me. The fact is-I never HAD to worry about it. All of the elements were set in place long before I was even thought about. It was my grandparents' generation and the many generations before them that allowed me the choices that were before me. An entire buffet of opportunities; all to be squandered away for quick trips to the mall for new clothes and jewelry instead of more books and charitable donations. Don't get me wrong, not every day of my youth was spent in frivolous denial, but not enough of it was spent giving back and showing thanks.

We can never go back in time to right our wrongs. We can only go forward and vow not to repeat our mistakes. Where would we be in our lives today if monumental moments in history were left up to our generation? Sure it would easier and more comfortable to stay in a place of familiarity and not rock the boat. But if the boat isn't rocked, the boat doesn't move forward. I for one am ready for less familiar things in life. New opportunities and collective community growth don't happen when you're sitting still in your familiar place. It happens when you're unsure, tired as hell, and just plain confused. It happens just before you're ready to throw in the towel. But most importantly, it doesn't happen alone. It happens when all of us work together and stand firm on our goals. And when it happens, its a beautiful thing. I'm excited as I look at the possibilities of Black History month 2010. But I'm even more excited to see how we carry it on past February 2010.

Strong. Powerful. Hopeful=Giving Back in 2010

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