Dances with dirt...

The older I get, the more important it is for me to have a perfectly clean house with every single thing in order. I have this on-going battle with my inner slob and my two VERY messy men. For some reason my husband does not seem to share my enthusiasm for Spring Cleaning every single Saturday morning. Instead, I face a kitchen full of grease and dirty dishes that he creates every single week. It seems like something is always misplaced, dishes always dirty, and clothes are always piling up. This morning I swear I saw a Dust Bunny give me the finger as he scurried across the floor.

As much as I complain, I have to remind myself of the positive side in all of this: God has blessed me with a healthy mind, body, and spirit that allows me to at least get up in the morning to tackle the nasty task of a suburban housewife. I forget that there are women out there who are unable to get up and take care of the house where they live. I stumbled upon an inspiring article today on Raleigh NC's Examiner online magazine. Thanks to an organization called Cleaning for a Reason, women who are undergoing Cancer treatments can now receive FREE housecleaning services. The Texas based Non-profit organization has a website that lists participating cleaning services across the country, and accepts donations from the public to help fund the project. Women receiving treatment for all types of Cancer are eligible, and are invited to apply for the service on the main website.

As women, we have a natural tendency to try and take care of the world. It is hard enough to do our jobs on a daily basis with adequate resources and a healthy mind, body and soul; Imagine how difficult it would be to live our lives fighting Cancer and still trying to take care of the world. Its a hugely intense struggle, and these women across the country deserve our support. We all need a break every now and then, and women battling life threatening diseases deserve a front row seat. Visit Cleaning for a Reason and find out how you can help.