Online Learning

With the increased use of the internet and digitally enhanced products, it is no wonder that students today may be more prone to catch on in a digital environment as opposed to the traditional classroom environment. Distance education learning takes home schooling to a whole different level, and gives parents a viable option to some of the social challenges their children may face in a traditional school.

There are tons of program options for parents to choose from, including advanced level Science, Math and foreign language courses. I was also very impressed with the areas of the Language Arts curriculum that stressed the importance of Internet safety and etiquette, and plagiarism. They also place an emphasis on making sure that students are preparing for college and are being exposed to traditional curriculum requirements such as Classic Literature.

Online learning offers options for parents and students that need a flexible and uninterrupted schedule while ensuring that students continue to learn on the same level as their peers. Some of the online programs also offer online social communities where students can chat with one another, submit to discussion boards or school newspapers, join clubs, and attend cultural seminars. Online resources for parents allow them to have real time online access to student’s grades and upcoming assignments.
The most appealing aspect to me is that it allows for an individualized schedule for students. An individualized schedule allows students to explore a variety of specialized subjects and expand on their areas of expertise. This is especially important for middle school and high school students who may be trying to find their niche and focus on their future goals.

In today’s ever-changing environment, it is essential that parents allow themselves to be open to new innovations that may help their children grow and become more self sufficient. As a parent to a middle school child, it is exciting for me to discover that there are educational providers that care as much about my child’s unique goals and needs as much as I do.

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