Mr. Mom-The Rise of Single Parent Dads

It used to be the norm to see the average American family consist of a Dad who went to work every day and paid the bills, and a Mom who stayed at home and took care of the kids. Unfortunately, as time has progressed fewer of these cookie cutter families exist. Surprisingly, the divorce rates in the US are actually declining. However, the fact still remains that many are waiting to get married at a later age than they did decades ago. But just because people are getting married later on in life doesn’t necessarily mean that they are waiting to have children later on in life. About 40% of children in the US are born out of wedlock. So it should come as no surprise to point out that many children in the US are now being raised by their fathers instead of their mothers. In fact, in many situations, women are voluntarily giving up custody of their children and giving custody to the fathers. Decades ago it may have been hard to imagine that men would be taking over the role of single parenthood; but with more women working outside the home or continuing their education at a later age, single parent dads are starting to become the norm.

It’s refreshing to see that not only are men taking a more active role in raising their kids, but they are also sending a message to their sons that raising children is not just “women’s work”. Men are turning to their support systems-family members, church members, online parenting groups-to ensure that their kids are living full, well balanced lives. The Caveman-Bring Home the Bacon days are gone, and today’s men are now volunteering to car pool and holding Girl Scout meetings. But of course with every great progression comes a heap of criticism. Many are complaining that men are receiving accolades for something that women have been doing alone for centuries. They feel that men should not be put on a pedestal for stepping up and taking on the responsibility of raising children. I do think that we need to take into account that women are born with a natural propensity to nurture. But does that change anything? Does that mean that men are going “beyond the call of duty” when they take on single parenthood? What are your thoughts?


ModistaModesta said...

When I met my husband - I was divorced with a little girl, and he was divorced and raising his two boys. We were part of all kinds of statistics. Bringing to family together is hard, but after 15 years of growing together we learned a lot from each other.

Prime Beauty said...

I don't think men raising children on their own is going about the call of duty, but I do think it's more difficult for men b/c it doesn't come as naturally as women. That being said, there are good & bad moms as well as good & bad dads.

Eve said...

So true ladies. My husband and I have a blended family, and it is quite difficult at times. My husband has raised his kids alone before, and did a fantastic job (yeah, yeah..I know I'm biased). I do think that it comes more naturally for us. I'm glad to see that more men are putting forth the effort.