Your Guide to Amazing Summer Hair

Summer is here, and Divas everywhere are ready to hit the outdoors and soak up some rays. Although many women may feel that they should be focused on finding the perfect swimsuit or the perfect sandals, it’s very important to also make sure that your hair care routine is not an afterthought. Hair is more vulnerable to damage during the summer, and with the majority of our summer activities being held outdoors, it is important that we take care of our tresses. Just as you would protect your skin with sunscreen, protecting your hair is equally important. Here are some tips from the pros to make your summer hair care routine less stressful.

Switch up your routine-Instead of blow drying your hair, let it air dry. Because hair is exposed to heat and UV Rays more often in the summertime, minimizing the amount of heat applied to your hair follicles is important for maintaining healthy hair. Trying a new style like wearing your hair pinned up or in a loose ponytail will help manage frizzy hair and minimize stress on your hair in hot summer heat. And don’t be afraid of getting too close to those scissors. Getting your ends trimmed on a regular basis is a good way to manage damaged, split ends. Apply a leave in conditioner or use a frizz control serum for a smooth, polished look.

Vitamins and Supplements-“Feeding” your hair is an important part of keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy. Because so many of us are constantly on the go during the summer, eating a proper balanced meal is not always an option. Experts suggest taking supplements to make sure you give your hair the proper vitamins and minerals it needs to grow. Drink plenty of water, and make an effort to try products that are all natural. There are some great hair serums that make your hair look beautiful and shiny, but many of them contain silicone or other chemicals that can leave your hair looking dull and lifeless over long periods of time.

Extra protection-Exposing your hair to chlorine or salt water can shock your hair and cause damage. Take a tip from the ladies of the 1930’s and 1940’s by wearing a swim cap. While it may take a little getting used to at first, you can still find a way to protect your hair and be stylish at the same time. Also, if you expect to be spending an entire day outside, try a large brimmed sun hat or stylish scarf.

Using a deep conditioner, jojoba oil, and even sunscreen can help keep your hair from frying in the summer heat. If you notice that your hair is getting frizzier throughout the summer, it is usually a sign that your hair is being damaged by the sun. Use a gentle shampoo, and rinse with cool or lukewarm water in order to seal the hair cuticles.

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