Lying, Tiger, and Jesse-Oh My!

2010 has been a bed full of adultery for celebs. Over and over we saw celebs publicly dealing with accusations of adultery and fornication. While adultery is not necessarily a new trend in Hollywood, it seems that the media has managed to tap into the business of making these scandalous affairs mainstream. Photographers and Journalists go out and find the dirt and Social Media enthusiasts make sure that everyone knows about it. Years ago it was considered only hearsay when we heard that celebs were cheating. We usually never knew that a celeb was cheating until someone died and left their fortune to their mistress or pool boy. But today there is TMZ, Radar Online, and a million others in between who offer instant gratification for those of us who enjoy juicy gossip. Unfortunately, on the other end of that juicy gossip is someone who is hurting by the actions of their loved one.

Many people were shocked early on in the year when the Tiger Woods scandal broke. I wasn’t very surprised though; in fact I always suspected that he was possibly cheating on his wife. His personality suggests that he is in fact very full of himself. And people who are full of themselves usually seek out gratification and ego boosts. Then there’s Jesse James; the biker bad boy with sleeves of tattoo art. After marrying America’s Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, the media painted him as this perfect Prince Charming who came to rescue Sandra and heal her broken heart. Well Jesse was not Prince Charming; he was just a man. Regular men make mistakes just like every other regular person on earth. Being married to Sandra Bullock does not give him any type of super human powers that make him exempt from indiscretion. All it does is ensure that his indiscretions become public knowledge.

But men aren’t the only ones who cheat. The latest celeb to be involved in a cheating scandal is American Idol winner Fantasia Barino. The award winning R&B singer made headlines when her affair with a married man became public. Unfortunately for Barino there is no hell equivalent to a woman scorned. Barino is now being sued by the wife of her married boyfriend. Although Barino has insisted that her boyfriend told her that he was legally separated when they met, the drama got so tumultuous that Barino actually attempted suicide because she wanted to escape all the mess.

While chat rooms and coffee shops all over the place are flaming Fantasia for her involvement with a married man, these same people sit around and praise Angelina Jolie; forgetting about her questionable involvement with a once married man. Many have turned a blind eye to the romance of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, forgetting that when their romance first started to blossom, Brad was still married to Jennifer Anniston. Although Jolie has never come out and admitted that she “stole” Brad from Anniston, we can all connect the dots. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened. To make matters worse, the infamous Jolie/Pitt ‘W Magazine’ spread was like pouring salt into an open wound. Jolie and Pitt posed for the magazine and were portrayed as this picture perfect family out of the 1960’s. Today they travel the world getting photographed as the picture perfect family of the new millennium. Just because they have a dozen cute little kids following behind them doesn’t mean we should forget how these two got together. I will still love a good Angelina Jolie flick, and I will still love a good Tiger Woods golf tournament, but I will take it with a grain of salt. Celebrities are just like “normal” people. They make mistakes just like everyone does. And because they live this glamorous lifestyle where they are put up on a pedestal every day, many of them feel entitled to get any and everything they want, regardless of who it hurts. Others have such low self esteem that they crave the attention and the reassurance they get from others around them. Their intrinsic need for acceptance is usually the main driving force behind their venture into show business. We can’t expect that just because a person has made a life for themselves in the public eye that they will receive a prize for dignity and moral standards. Marriage in this country has become a ‘has been’, and the rates for divorce are sickening. It comes as no surprise that celebrities who feel they are exempt from the rules will lie and cheat to get what they want.

I can only wonder what the celebs involved in these scandals think about their image in the public eye. Do they sincerely feel that they owe their fans an apology, or do they simply oblige and give an insincere apology just to get the media off their back? After the public apologies usually come more praise from their fans and more camera time. So for the well connected celebrity, a scandal is not a setback. It’s more like an opportunity to get free press. These days people don’t have to make a change after their indiscretions; all they have to do is issue a statement from their publicist, then do a stint in rehab. Whoever is hurt in the process is just a part of the territory. All is fair in Love and War…Yeah, right!

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