Dear Summer

Dear summer,
I’m sure going to miss you. Even though I knew you wouldn’t be here long, my heart couldn’t help but get attached. I will miss your flirtatious ways, and tempting vibe. And I long for our days poolside in the sun. Though we had some good times, I know its time to let you go. For some reason I tend to let you in my life, temp me for a few months, and then leave me out in the cold. I promised myself I wouldn’t go in too deep, but when have I ever been able to resist you?

You came this year and rescued me from the itchy sweaters and the cold nights by the fire. Soon thereafter it was me and you…sitting on the deck with a glass of wine, taking long walks late at night, and of course our most precious memories-our days by the pool. That was where we bonded the most, just me and you blocking everyone out. MP3 player on, a Corona in my hand, and straw hat to cover my eyes. Never mind the kids jumping in the pool, or the cell phone ringing in the background. We had bigger fish to fry. We were on a mission to connect. We were on a boat ride to solitude, saying goodbye to tension, and passing by regret. We had places to go and memories to make when we got there. Me and you were like peas and carrots.

But yesterday you told me you were leaving. I knew it was coming soon, but my fragile heart was in denial. It seems like just yesterday you were there when I tried on my new bathing suit. I can’t believe its time for you to go yet again. Every year I try to make you stay a little longer, but this year I must say has been the worst. I feel like a lost puppy as I say goodbye to you. You see, this summer was different. Our bond grew stronger this year. Not only did we have fun, but we tackled some big issues as well. I will never forget how you held my hand as I cried and searched for answers. And I will never forget that we started the season out with the best margaritas I’ve ever had!

You see Dear summer, it’s hard to forget you. I think the boys will miss you too. We’ve all gotten used to you and we love the fun you bring. We’ll have to get used to heavy coats and indoor games. I’m giving you my white Capri pants and my white wedge heeled sandals. I hope you take care of them, and bring them back in good condition. I hope next year is just as fun, except without the sunburn and the peeling skin. In the meantime I’ll be here watching the clock and waiting for your next trip home.


Mashawnda Dowell said...

I LOVE IT!!! So sad though. I wanna cry!!!!!

trendfoxx said...

Awesome post, Doll! I must disagree though. I will NOT miss the heat even a little. Give me boots and jackets and scarves and hats...I'm with u on the sweaters though. I only own one because I refuse to itch. LOL!!

Eve said...

Thanks for the comment love ladies!

Dyani Marvel said...

Love it.. I live in the Midwest and must say that I am missing summer too. The heat and all, I'l take it any day over below zero freezing!