The first time hurts: A look back at my first blog post.

The SITS girls have done it again. They have created another challenging but fun blogging event titled to Get Back to Blogging & Jump Start Your Blog event as a way to give all of in the blogosphere a jump start. Starting today, the ladies will announce a new writing topic each day. After completing the topic of the day, all of the ladies will go back to the main page and link their posts. Its a great way to connect and see how far we've all come in our blogging endeavors.

The event is sponsored by Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances and participants all have the chance to win an Electrolux Washer & Dryer, valued at over $ 4,000. I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes to win the beautiful prize!

Today's topic was to upload your very first blog post. The ladies at SITS gave the option on whether or not we wanted to re-write the post, or simply leave it as is. I decided not to re-write my post, and simply deliver the raw uncut version. Here ya go....

The first time always hurts just a little...

I wanted my first entry on my new blog to be something extremely fantastic. I wanted it to blow everyone’s minds, and send them running in a frenzy wishing they could read more. But as it turns out, my blog is just a blog. Not anything fantastic or mind-blowing. Not anything that will change anyone’s life. Simply a release of energy in 12 pt. type. No biggie.

I realized that I was making such a big deal out of it before I even began. I started and stopped so many times that I could not even keep count. I wrote rough drafts of blog entries I thought would be a good starting point, then erased them or spent countless hours editing. But that is not me at all. I like to deliver from the heart. Once I start to become completely obsessed about editing and delivering, I have lost a little bit of my “super-powers”.

Writing is different for everyone. Some do it strictly for the dough; others do it because it makes them feel good; and some do it because they think its “trendy”. You don’t know how many people I have seen who have called themselves Writers and Poets because they felt the need to prove to the world how “Intellectual” they are (ha!). You don’t get into something in an effort to perpetrate the fraud and take on something that will increase your popularity or stroke your precious ego. That is strictly an insult to people who truly love the art form. I have always loved to write. Now whether it was good or not is yet to be determined. But nonetheless, I stuck with it anyway in hopes in seeing personal growth. All the while, I had a strong sense of respect for those who were accomplished, accredited writers. I tried to soak up every little bit of knowledge and advice I could get from them. I never had the desire to write because I wanted to be “trendy” or be praised. I am just a girl with something to say. And I hope someone will listen-maybe even take something away from all of this.

I have no set format for my blogging. There are some days when I feel like being serious, and others when I just feel downright silly. Other days, I just need something constructive to do. I won’t promise my readers (if I have any) to find some life-altering changes or keys to success. I never know how I will feel from one day to the next. That’s the beauty of writing from the heart. I simply want to share. And right now, I am writing faster than I can post-which is GREAT! I can’t say that I won’t ever obsess about the contents of my blog, or whether or not people are reading it. I can’t even promise that everything I write will be any good. But I will promise that I will remain true to myself and continue to cultivate my craft.


Karen said...

Hi Eve! Hoping by from SITS...thought those of us who uploaded later in the day deserved a little love, right?! :> I loved, loved the line "Simply a release of energy in 12 pt. type." I enjoyed reading your first ever post! :>

Chanel said...

I love this post because it is so real. You are right about people who try to do things to be trendy. I might not be the best writer in the world but it is something that I have always loved to do. I'm an introvert by nature so writing has always been my way to say thing I couldn't say out loud.

Karen Peterson said...

This is a really great first post. It defines who you are without being too definite.

Visiting from the SITS Back 2 Blogging challenge. Hope you have a great week!

Eve said...

Thx for stopping by ladies! I appreciate your comments.

Love meeting new people through SITS!