We ALL have those days, so ladies don't look at me sideways. You know exactly what I'm talking about. The days when your coffee doesn't taste right, you get a ticket on your way to work, and you find out that you've had a run in your stockings all day long that no one told you about. To make matters worse, you come home to find that your cat chewed the stuffing out of yet another expensive throw pillow, and that milk that you planned on using for your casserole is two weeks past its expiration date. THAT is the type of day I'm referring to. (This is the point in which you all nod in agreement...)

I can't say that there is one certified quick fix for a day like that. After all, if there were, the makers of Robert Mondavi and Haagen Dazs would not be doing as well as they are. But it never hurts to try a few tips from others who've experienced those "not so great days". Here's a few pointers:

1-Shut down your computer early, and as you're walking out of the office roll your eyes (like you MEAN IT) at the girl who shares the cubicle next to you. She totally broke the girl code by not telling you about that horrendous run in your stockings.

2-Use the ticket you got that morning for confetti. You could use a little bit of decorating on the Honda. Shred that baby and tape the pieces around the tail pipe as you speed out of the parking lot early. (For some reason I'm thinking that this probably is some sort of safety hazard, but hey, a girl's gotta do something to lift her spirits.

3-Instead of making that casserole, make your husband or boyfriend a White Russian. The liquor in the drink will mask the flavor of the spoiled milk, and after a couple of those he won't care that dinner is late.

4-Your cat...well...its a cat. That's what they do. Accept Miss Kitty's attitude and keep it moving.

5-Read this post of mine that I wrote back in January of last year. I'm sure you'll find some good tips on balancing life-Balancing Life and Motherhood 2009

6-Spend some time in solitude. You'll find out that everything you thought was devastating is in fact just trivial. At the end of the day you can never prevent the little unknowns that life throws out there. Worrying about them won't fix them, nor will they prevent them from occurring again. Take a bath, close your eyes, and when you get out of the tub put your Big Girl panties on. After all, tomorrow's a new day....

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