The Slump...

It hits it all right? The ever so dreadful slump, rut, funk, or whatever you need to call it. But knowing it hits everyone doesn't make it feel any better when it hits. There are some days when no matter how hard you try, there is nothing that will fix your mood except a champagne brunch with your girls and a shopping spree that will make your husband's heart sink. Too bad all my Chicas live out of town and my bank account is currently laughing and snarking at me.

So today I tried something new. I got off my ass and kicked myself around a little bit. Crying over spilled milk has never gotten anyone anywhere (not to my knowledge at least), and I really don't look cute with hefty stress bags under my eyes. [What would REALLY solve this issue of mine is a big giant dose of dark chocolate, but I digress....] I decided I was going to fix my mood the old fashioned way-no mood lifters (legal OR illegal), no chocolate (*sigh*), no shopping; just good old fashioned tough love. I had to sit back and spend some time with Eve. I had to get back to putting myself first. It seems as though I managed to forget just how incredibly AWESOME I am, and that's never a good thing. All too often women end up taking care of everyone and everything, and putting ourselves and our own needs on the back burner. Its a very easy way to get stressed out, fed up, and knocked off track. And once you reach that point you end up going to a very vulnerable place where any and everything will just set you off and send you into a tizzy. I decided not to go to that place, and instead focus on productivity.

I stepped back and took a look at my 2012 so far, and thought about what I wanted the rest of my year to look like. January and February alone prove to be a big ball of excitement already, so if I'm going to tackle this entire I better get on the ball. Surrounding yourself with positive people and positive things is always a sure fire way to make sure that you stay on top of your game. I got rid of complacent people and things many many moons ago, and I have no intention of bringing them back. You can't be fabulous with dead weight, and once again hefty bags under the eyes do not do it for me. So here's to getting out of the slump, getting off my ass, and making some power moves. No champagne and chocolate today, but there's always tomorrow...Hey, a girl does need her chocolate :-)

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