Love is pretty cool...I think I'll keep it

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a hopeless romantic. I love to see love in our daily lives..husbands and wives, mothers and sons, little kids, dogs, pigs...Love is beautiful, and sometimes overlooked and under appreciated.
Two of my close friends got engaged over the holiday, and I am so overwhelmed with you. I never thought I could be so elated over someone else experiencing so much joy. I don't think I have had this emotion before. I mean, I always cry at weddings, and I'm always excited to see new love. But I think that now that I have found my life partner, I can fully comprehend the magnitude of love. I thought I knew the magnitude of love, but today I realized that all of this time, I did not have the full understand. Its like a new Christian who goes to church for the first time. It seems pretty cool..the music, the charismatic prose of the preacher, the big hats. But it is not until you experience true pain, trials, and suffering that you fully understand what it means to experience the glory of the Lord. I have truly been enlightened. Cheers to love!

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