To Blog or Not to Blog

I wonder sometimes if anyone really cares about any of the crap I have to say…I have always had the intense desire to express my feelings; even as a small child. I was always reading, writing, drawing, dancing, acting, or even putting on “fashion shows” with my dolls complete with themes, backdrops, cover pages, and a page devoted to credits. As I got older, I started to write poetry and short stories. My friends all told me it was great, but I always wondered if they only thought it was great because they were my friends and were interested in what I had to say. Would a perfect stranger be just as interested in what I had to say? Everyone has something to say…but do we all care? Nevertheless, I chose to write anyway; Regardless of whether anyone cares. With that said, I began my journey into “blogdom”.

My decision to create a blog was a no-brainer. I mean, if I am sitting around writing all the time anyway, I may as well share with others. Simple right? Or so I thought…
Little did I know that there was SO much involved in creating my blog and making it available for the world to read. I had finally drummed up enough courage and made my decision to let everyone “all up in my business”, and I had hit a stumbling block! Instead of being able to easily upload my journals and articles to a website and then hit the ‘send’ button, there were all of these hoops to jump through! What gives?! There were design templates, outlines, social networking sites, and a million and two others bloggers trying to get their blogs out there as well. I found myself looking at tons of articles on how to make my blog attractive to readers, what social networking sites to use, what to name my blog, and how to turn my newfound blogging addiction into a lucrative career. There was so much “help” out there that I thought I was going to pull my freakin’ hair out! Where would I even begin my research? And how was I going to balance my time between researching blogging techniques and actually writing the blog? The more time I spent researching my blogging techniques, the more great ideas were escaping my brain by the minute. So then I started to lament over how many great pieces I could have written (sigh…). What’s a girl to do?

‘Write…that’s what I do. That’s my passion. And like anything worthwhile, you fight for it. No sense in stopping now…I’ve already come this far…If I don’t write, I will go crazy…Stop obsessing about techniques and procedures…Stop worrying about whether anyone will read it or not…Just DO IT!’
So here I am back on my grind, ready to rock and roll. I can’t say that I’m not completely worry-free about the techniques of successful blogging. But at least I’m not obsessing over it. One of these days I will perfect my craft. One day it will all fit together seamlessly. Sure I’m not a “Rock Star Writer” today, but who cares. It will all come together in the end. So for now…I write.

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