Those Damn Swiffer commercials!

They have been haunting me day and night; and now they gave taken over my dreams-The Swiffers are striking.
I have been dying for a Swiffer. My husband thinks that they are a waste of money; and he's probably right. I mean, what did women do 50 years ago? They didn't have Swiffers then, and their houses were SPOTLESS. But here I am, falling into the trap of the subliminal messages on the Teli. Right before I went to sleep earlier a Swiffer commercial came on, and as I closed my eyes all I could hear was the familiar tune, "Baby come back...". I could just picture the little sad broom and mop crying their eyes out. This is madness! What is wrong with me?

I think I hear the cries of a million Divas crying a river of sadness for their latest fallen soldier-ME. Oh what have I become? Have I let the Divas and Div-os of the world down? Or maybe I can still make up for it if I "Swiff" in my stilettos.
Another Diva bites the dust.


Monica said...

LOL! I've been wondering if those things would work myself. I can't keep my floor clean but I have 2 kids so it's probably physically impossible to pull off that feat with anyone under 30 living in your house. Still, there MUST be a way. Maybe a Roomba, if that's how it's spelled? Then I'd teach the kids how to mop next! As close to a Swiffer as I can probably get. ;-)

Monica said...

By the way, I have YET to post the award you gave me but I'm feeling up to the task right now so I am off!

Rich and Edi said...

That is so funny, I hear that song in my head ALL the time as well!