Looking Back: Top 10 Blog posts of 2010

I never really liked the idea of making a New Year’s Resolution. To me it was always so cliché. Everyone vows to go a diet and become a fitness crazed nut like Jane Fonda. Within two weeks they are all off the wagon, eating ice cream out of the carton and chain smoking cigarettes. I have developed a huge disdain for putting myself at risk for breaking a New Year’s Resolution. I know my limits, and that Half Marathon that I vowed to do last year and still staring me in the face and taunting me with an air of arrogance. So instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I make Life Resolutions.

This year I learned to take the bitter with the sweet. And for the first time in my life, the bitter didn’t taste so bad. Life is a whole lot different when you put on your Big Girl Panties and face the storm head on. Although my family has been faced with some of life’s most disturbing situations, we managed to soldier up and move on gracefully. So in honor of the holiday spirit of giving, I tip my hat and give you all a glimpse of what 2010 meant to me. Enjoy!

New Possibilties

Food for Thought: The Color Complex

The First Time Hurts

My 6 Word Memoir

State of the Union: Marriage and Money

Dear Summer

The "S" on my chest

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The View Brand Ambassador

Giving Back

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